Since September 2023, Parkside Chambers has offered 9-month pupillages.

Assessed Mini-Pupillages

Parkside now offers assessed mini-pupillages, a 4-week programme that culminates in an assessed moot. Completion of an assessed mini-pupillage is a prerequisite for future admission to our 9-month pupillage programme.

Students undertaking the assessed mini-pupillage would also be considered for the Mini-Pupillage Awards which recognise up to 2 most outstanding mini-pupils each year.

For an assessed mini-pupillage or a 2-week mini-pupillage in the summer term (late May 2024 to late September 2024), applications must be received by 31 March 2024.

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9-Month Pupillages

For the upcoming pupillage cycle of September 2025 – August 2026, applicants for a 9-month pupillage must:

  • submit their pupillage application on or before 30 September 2024; and
  • have completed a 4-week assessed mini-pupillage (inclusive of an assessed moot) before then.

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