The objective of mini-pupillage is to provide law students with a taste of life as a barrister at Parkside Chambers.

The 2-week Mini-pupillage

Over the course of two weeks, students will have the opportunity to meet and work with various members of Chambers and other pupils. Such work may include attending Court hearings, client conferences, drafting and legal research.

Those who intend to apply for pupillage with Chambers may find mini-pupillages especially fruitful, providing some insight into the work, culture and community at Parkside.

Offers of mini-pupillages are based on overall merit, including, where applicable, an applicant’s performance at an interview.

The Assessed Mini-pupillage

Particularly outstanding applicants / mini-pupils may be invited to undertake an assessed mini-pupillage, if he or she has indicated an interest in it in his / her application. The assessed mini-pupillage is a 4-week programme that culminates in an assessed moot. Invitations are made at the time of the offer, or during the course, of the mini-pupillage.

Completion of an assessed mini-pupillage is a prerequisite for future admission to our 9-month pupillage programme. Students undertaking the assessed mini-pupillage would also be considered for the Mini-Pupillage Awards which recognise up to 2 most outstanding mini-pupils each year


Mini-pupillages are normally offered between:

  • late May to late September (summer term); and
  • December to January (winter term).

Applications must be received by:

  • 31 March (summer term); and
  • 30 September (winter term).

Application procedure

All applications should be addressed to the Mini-Pupillage Committee and emailed to

Each application should contain a cover letter (of not longer than 2 pages of A4, font size 14, double spaced with the usual margins), curriculum vitae (of not more than 3 pages of A4), a recent photograph and (where applicable) academic transcripts, together with other information considered relevant by the applicant.

Applicants should indicate on their cover letter: (i) whether they wish to be considered for the Assessed Mini-pupillage; and (ii) their availability.

Applicants may also name specific members of chambers that they wish to work with. These preferences will be taken into account and may be accommodated at the discretion of the Mini-Pupillage Committee.

Shortlisted applicants may be invited for an interview with the Mini-Pupillage Committee. Remote interviews may be arranged where an applicant is studying abroad and is unable to attend an interview in person.

Offers are usually made in late April or early May for the summer term and in November for the winter term.