Our mini-pupillage programme provides law students with a taste of life as a barrister. Over the course of two weeks, students will have the opportunity to meet and work with various members of Chambers and other pupils. Such work may include Court attendances, client conferences, drafting and legal research.

Especially for those who intend to apply for pupillage in the future, mini-pupillages are an invaluable opportunity to experience Chambers culture, learn about members’ practice and get to know members of Chambers.

The overriding criterion for the award of a mini-pupillage is merit.


Mini-pupillages are normally offered between:

  • late May to late September (summer term); and
  • December to January (winter term).

Applications must be received by:

  • 31 March (summer term); and
  • 30 September (winter term).

Application procedure

Applications should be emailed to the Mini-Pupillage Committee ( with a cover letter, curriculum vitae (complete with grades, prizes and scholarships, class rank if known, mooting experience etc.) and recent photograph, together with other information considered relevant by the applicant.

Applicants who intend to apply for pupillage are strongly encouraged to indicate the name(s) of pupil master(s) with whom they intend to apply for pupillage. Opportunities may be arranged, where possible, for mini-pupils to work directly with such barrister(s) as part of their mini-pupillage.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview with the Mini-Pupillage Committee. Remote interviews may be arranged where an applicant is studying abroad and is unable to attend an interview in person.

Offers are usually made in late April or early May for the summer term and in November for the winter term.