Mini-pupillage at Parkside Chambers is intended to provide law students with a taste of how barristers work. The overriding criterion for awarding mini-pupillages is merit.

Parkside Chambers do not assign mini-pupils to any specific member of chambers. Rather, mini-pupils form a common pool and they will be given work by all members of chambers who have cases suitable for mini-pupils during their 2-week stay. Such work may include Court attendances, client conferences, drafting and legal research. It is hoped that this arrangement maximises the exposure of mini-pupils to cases of different nature, and they will have the opportunity to meet and work with various members of chambers and our pupils.


All applications for mini-pupillage with Parkside Chambers are processed centrally by the Mini-pupillage Committee.

Mini-pupillages are normally offered by Parkside Chambers in late May to late September (the summer term) and in December to January (the winter term). Offers are usually made in late April or early May for the summer term and in November for the winter term.

Applicants should send to the Mini-pupillage Committee their applications comprising a cover letter and curriculum vitae (complete with grades, prizes and scholarships, class rank if known, mooting experience etc.) with a recent photograph attached, together with other information which the applicants regard as relevant.

Shortlisted applicants may be required to attend an interview with the Committee. Telephone interviews may be arranged where an applicant is studying abroad and is unable to attend an interview in person.

Applicants shall endeavour to submit their applications in accordance with the following timeframe:

  • Applications for mini-pupillage in the summer term should be submitted no later than 31 March of the same year;
  • Applications for mini-pupillage in the winter term should be submitted no later than 30 September.

Applications for mini-pupillage outside the usual summer and winter terms will also be considered. Such applications may be made anytime during the year.


All enquiries regarding mini-pupillage should be emailed to