Parkside’s Toby Brown delivered an overarching summary on Fraud and Asset Tracing at Clyde & Co as part of a CPD seminar.

30 lawyers attended – cutting across the partner, associate and trainee spectrum.

The seminar covered:

  • Latest Trends in Online Fraud: Toby drilled down into current trends, including a historic case he’d helmed where a fake Zoom meeting was used for a high-value deal.
  • Cryptocurrency Schemes: He examined fraudulent schemes involving cryptocurrency, sharing a notable case he led where scammers orchestrated fake refunds to siphon money from victims.
  • Jurisdictional Challenges: Toby discussed the complexities of navigating jurisdictional issues in cryptocurrency fraud, emphasizing the importance of determining the location of the cryptocurrency for obtaining relief in Hong Kong.
  • Asset Tracing Techniques: He explored the use of Norwich Pharmacal and Section 21 Orders in asset tracing, highlighting the difficulties in complex fraud cases.
  • Money Transfer Methods: Toby elucidated two methods for transferring money from a bank account: vesting orders and garnishee orders, noting conflicting authorities on the use of vesting orders.

The seminar was warmly received and it sparked a series of insightful questions from the audience.