On 6 September 2018, the Kwun Tong Magistracy found Superintendent Martin Wong not guilty of common assault in HKSAR v Wong Kai-Chung, KTCC 1273/2018.

At a Christmas party in 2016, Wong was said to have placed his arm around the waist of a female colleague (Yan).  The two alleged victims alleged that Wong had then slapped and hit them when they sought to interpose themselves between him and Yan.  According to Wong, his conduct were intended as friendly gestures.

The acquittal came on the back of one of the alleged victim’s evidence that he was in fact unsure whether Wong had intended to assault him by slapping him or was simply acting in a boisterous manner under the influence of alcohol.  The possibility remained, therefore, that Wong had mistakenly believed the alleged victim would consent to what he had intended as a friendly slap.  As to the other alleged victim, it emerged from the evidence there was reasonable doubt as to whether Wong had in fact hit her.


Osmond Lam acted for the Defendant, instructed by Messrs Cheung & Liu.