Simon N. M. Young

Simon specialises in human rights, criminal law and public law cases, mostly in the High Court and Court of Final Appeal.  His cases have concerned the constitutionality of radio broadcast licensing (HCMA173/2008; FAMC1/2009), Obscene Articles Tribunal (HCAL96/2007), prisoners’ constitutional right to vote (HCAL79/2008), and customary international law norm of refugee non-refoulement (FACV 18-20/2011).

He has advised the Hong Kong Government on its Convention Against Torture screening mechanism and led the Continuing Legal Education programme in the Prosecutions Division of the Department of Justice.  He is a member of the Review Body on Bid Challenges under the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement, Post-Release Supervision Board, and Disciplinary Panel A of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants.  He served on the Law Reform Commission subcommittees on double jeopardy and hearsay in criminal proceedings and was a member of the Independent Police Complaints Commission’s Observers Scheme. 

Simon is qualified to advise on Canadian criminal law and constitutional law.  Previously as counsel in the Ministry of the Attorney General, he argued cases in all levels of court in the province of Ontario.

For over a decade, he has taught criminal law and the law of evidence in the University of Hong Kong’s Faculty of Law.  He also teaches a course on rights and remedies in the criminal process.  His published works include Civil Forfeiture of Criminal Property (2009), Electing Hong Kong’s Chief Executive (with R Cullen, 2010), Interpreting Hong Kong’s Basic Law (with HL Fu & L Harris, 2007), The Essential Statutes on Hong Kong Criminal Law and Procedure 2008/2009, Hong Kong Evidence Casebook (2004) and Archbold Hong Kong (Hearsay Rule & Human Rights chapters).

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